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Distance Learning

At the Priory Institute, you can study theology and pursue a deeper understanding of your faith through online and distance learning. Certified as a premier college by ASIC, the Institute's faculty makes their expertise accessible to you wherever you may be. Begin or continue your theological education with a module or two that will fit your busy schedule.

If you wish to earn a degree, certificate, higher certificate or diploma in theology, you may register for our Higher Education programmes. In the beginning of the semester you will be introduced to both the topics being covered by your modules as well as the details of the delivery method. The subsequent fifteen weeks’ study is done from home, along with in-depth support from a dedicated coordinator and specialist academic tutors. You will be required to 'virtually' or 'physically' attend two study days and two tutorial days each semester. The semester concludes with a 2-hour written exam for each of your modules. You may sit the exam(s) in a location close to your home.

If you are interested in enrolling in faith formation programmes that do not require you to submit an academic essay and / or sit an exam, the Institute's Further Education certificate programmes may be just right for you. In the beginning of the semester, you will be given access to your module texts. Throughout the semester, you will be required to keep a journal of reflective exercises, which can be handwritten or typed. These exercises form an integral part of the pedagogy. The semester concludes with you submitting your journal of exercises.

Distance learners require access to a reliable internet connection (preferably high speed) with browser, updated anti-virus and word processing software, media player capability and speakers or a headset.

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