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Mission and Values

Our Mission:

  • To provide theological education and promote research that reaches the widest possible community, by offering programmes, short courses and seminars, including those leading to recognised academic awards.
  • To provide educational programmes which address religious, social and human developmental needs.
  • To foster theological reflection, in the Dominican tradition, on contemporary issues.
  • To design and offer accredited programmes in theology through the distance education method and to utilise the network of Dominican priories around Ireland to facilitate people who do not otherwise have ready access to such programmes.


 Our Values:

  • The theological ethos of The Priory Institute is Roman Catholic in confession, Dominican in tradition and ecumenical in spirit.  It values critical reflection and embodies openness to the riches of diverse religious traditions.
  • The encouragement of wide access to theological education, mainly through the provision of programmes at various levels by means of flexible delivery modes.
  • A student-centred approach ensuring that the services provided are relevant and responsive to students’ needs.
  • A commitment to developing and sustaining a high standard of academic quality and student support, in line with generally accepted best practice in higher education.
  • Collaboration with similar institutions and organisations, allowing for mutual benefit and a shared approach to theological reflection and research.
  • The integration of theology in life, through its contribution to spiritual growth and opportunity for ministry.

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