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Student Testimonials

"Thanks for everything! This is the end of my very sweet time at the Priory Institute. If anyone were to ask me how I found my time and studies there, I would simply say: 'It's a wonderful place with great people who really take care of their students'."   Susan C.

"As a Priory Institute student, I have engaged with wonderful people, knowledge and concepts. I am a much richer person because of it. More importantly, not only have I learned theory but I have witnessed theology being 'lived', or simply put:  practiced what has been preached."  Brendan B.

"A big thank you to all of you who worked so hard to help us. You were a wonderful encouragement and help and you guided us beautifully with peace and calm. Many many thanks and have a lovely easy, joy filled summer. See you in September."   Judith M.

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